Modern Circle Skirt

May 23, 2013

Hello! First time contribution after reading for quite a while. This is a skirt I made for my sister. She dresses in skirts every day and is pretty much always 50’s era themed. This skirt has multicolored birds as the main fabric. I’ve made a LOT of these for her so I can do them in my sleep by now. Very simple basic pieces that she wears all the time.

Custom Retro Skirt- Basic

This is one I made for her LONG ago that’s got a big floral print on it.

Custom Retro Skirt- Basic

hope you all enjoy my simple little project 🙂

  1. Do you have a pattern that you use? A friend of mine asked me to make her a circle skirt, and I’ve done them by drafting my own pattern for little kids but not an adult and I’m a little intimidated.

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