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McCall’s 7233

May 12, 2013

I started working on this dress last June or July, and managed to finish it in under a year.  Yay!


This was one of the first vintage patterns I purchased, and it was both easy and fun to make.  It took me so long to finish because I ran out of steam last summer when I had trouble finding buttons to match the fabric, and by the time I finally found the right buttons I was busy with other projects.

The pattern is from 1964.


I have more photos and some notes on the issues I ran into on my blog.  I’m planning on making this again, but I won’t start the next one until I’ve bought both the fabric and the buttons.

  1. This is a really great style on you. You’re not alone with “button frustration”. Why is it so hard to find them when we can so clearly visualize them in our minds?! 🙂

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