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Mailorder pattern (?) 4882 black and white floral shirt dress

May 12, 2013

Maybe someone here can help me date and name this pattern. I haven’t got the actual envelope for it and therefore only the pattern number but not what make it is. It looks like a mailorder pattern to me but Vintage pattern Wiki wasn’t any help to confirm my suspicion. Maybe one of you lovely reader can help.

But onto the dress. I made it from a black and white floral cotton, that I got when visiting my in laws in Leicestershire last month. I wasn’t sure what to make from it at first and decided I want to make one of my vintage shirt waist patterns that I haven’t touched yet. After a little help from Twitter and Instagram friends I decided on this pattern.

I opted for sleeves and shortened the hem by about 9 inches. I’m really happy about the way it turned out although I wasn’t too sure about the collar on me at first. If I make this dress again I would probably make a circle skirt instead of this center seamed one.

Please visit my blog for more pictures and details here.

Thank you XX

  1. Judging from the font my guess would be that it’s an Anne Adams pattern. Marian Martin patterns (the two big mail order brands) generally had a less calligraphic font used for their pattern numbers, etc.

  2. Thanks Evie, I was thinking Anne Adams but Google and Pattern Wiki spit out a different design for Anne Adams 4882. Maybe they used the number several times throughout the years.
    Thank you Anthea and Sanne! XX

  3. It is definitely a mail order pattern! Anne Adams and Marian Martin were the most common companies but I’m not sure if they were the only makers. Most pattern companies recycled the pattern numbers so just because you found one doesn’t mean it isn’t from the same company.
    It’s a very cute dress and you look great in it!

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