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Getting a Good Fit & Some Retro Separates

May 15, 2013

After my favorite pair of store-bought cigarette-style pants had too many mends to be functional anymore, I decided I needed to bite the bullet and sew my very first pair of pants. When Gertie released a pattern for high-waisted capris through Butterick, I knew I had found what I was looking for!

How I Knew Fit Would Be… Interesting

Following the method outlined in Fit for Real People, I had created a “body graph” that helped me map my body and compare it to the big pattern companies. Much to my surprise, I discovered my left leg was chubbier than my right!

My body graph.

Once I did my muslin, I immediately could see excess fabric on my right leg. Thanks to the body graph, I knew why so I could fix it!

Learn more about the body graph method and how it impacts how I fit.¬†I also have written a limerick in ode to Chubs, my left leg that’s a 1/4 of an inch bigger!

The Finished Product 

Here’s my pants, in all their glory!

Butterick 5895

I also sewed a 1950s blouse, Simpicity 2195, with some reproduction feedback cotton. I think it looks pretty smashing with the pants.

Simplicity 2195

Take a gander at the full outfit together.

Now I can say I have conquered pants! I liked the pattern so much I went out and bought fabric in denim for summer and a plaid wool for winter, so I’ll be making these lovelies again soon. Happy sewing!

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