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Dress from Schwabe – Der neue Schnitt June 1957

May 9, 2013

Hello Ladies,

I wished for a long time a Hawaiian inspired dress. After I then ordered fabric from the USA, I have found the perfect pattern. From the “Schwabe der neue Schnitt” from June 1957 comes this great piece.

Unfortunately I have to be brief because my English has not improved even since the last time 🙂

The dress has a beautiful sweetheart neckline, a pleat in the back skirt for more movement and a bolero actually part of it, but the fabric was not enough.

Unfortunately it is a tiny bit too tight, but I hope that I easily get it under control with a little less ice cream and much more hula.


Oh, and that’s the original:




And the whole history of sewing this dress called “Tropenkleid” (tropicdress) you can see here.

  1. my goodness, I love this dress. The fabric! Where did it come from? It’s hard to find dress fabric in a retro print. And this is fabulous! Most retro prints I see these days are in the Quilting aisle, and they just don’t work. And the pockets. Most adorable.

  2. Sehr gut! Ihr Kleid ist schön!

    See? Your English is much better than my German! Oh well, I tried at least! 🙂

    And yes, you did a great job. Your retro-looking fabric is a fabulous choice!

  3. Damn. That’s a beautiful dress and a totally delightful post. You look ready for Paradise Island.

  4. LOL Your English is so much better than my German! I’m not even sure I could discuss the weather now I’ve forgotten to much.

    Love the dress, the fabric is great!

  5. Oh la la that’s what I can a wiggle dress, and you wiggle in it very nicely. Very cute animation. The dress is beautiful, great shape on you. And the print is too die for. Well done!!

  6. Your dress is lovely. Considering I took three years of German and couldn’t say what you did I think your English is quite good 🙂 (Oh and you taught me a new German word Tropen! New one for me! Thanks!)

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