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My Sewing For Victory 40’s Challenge Dress

April 2, 2013

Hello dear Sew Retro readers,

Believe it or not, I too made a 40’s dress. Although sew-along planned for a while, the dress and opening a flickr account was executed the last minute, but boy, am I glad I made it.. ! I took this project very seriously and that means- applying the same limitations a 40’s seamstress would have to. I had a limited amount of fabric- had to alter the pattern to suit that, limited matching thread- saved it only for the outside seams, and used only vintage techniques while sewing. No serger, invisible zipper or hem foot, not even a fusible interfacing. What can I say- limitations work great for me! It’s like trying to cook something from whatever is in the kitchen, you always surprise yourself.






I wrote a post about the dress yesterday, and then sent the link to my mom dedicating the post to Grandma. She reminded me that 1 of April was Grandma’s birthday.. Can you believe it? I spent the whole time sewing thinking of her and then talked about her in the post.. Amazing.. Anyway- read about my inspiration here and the post itself (with lots of detail photos) here.

It was my first challenge finished on time (not on time for the giveaway, but it’s ok:). I had fun! I have my appetite for the 40’s patterns back, yay..! So hopefully more of these to come:)

All the best,




    1. Thank you Miss Tessa, I used only the bodice part of the pattern, and a self drafted pencil skirt instead. I had this pattern for so long, finally decided to give it a try in grading, and it worked out easy enough.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that style of dress because it looks so simple but has the potential to be so glamorous! You look lovely, and the dress is just beautiful 🙂

  2. Looks lovely on you! I like the pencil skirt change you made while keeping the 40’s bodice, makes the dress quite glamorous and somehow timeless too .

  3. I love your dress! It looks a lot prettier than what I would expect from the pattern cover. The lovely fabric, gathers at the shoulders, the drapes, your changes with the pencil skirt made it really beautiful.


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