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My Little Mannequin

April 9, 2013

While waiting for the sun to come out so I can take pictures of my newest dresses, I made this little mannequin to showcase the wee ones. I have a few dressmakers dummies and three complete department store mannequins, but had none that were child-sized. Now I do!

  1. … that’s a super creepy looking face. Where did it come from? It’s only in making this comment that I realized that I apparently prefer faceless mannequins — which are probably equally creepy to someone else.

      1. It’s fine! It’s not an original design or anything. My inspiration for the image was Dolly Dingle. I think the 1940’s style Kewpie/Campbell Kids are adorable, but I’m sure not everyone does-and that’s okay. (though thanks Judith for having my back :o) –You’re sweet!)

      2. net nanny or concern troll… whatever. People have a right to post their opinion. That is the risk you take when posting stuff on the internet. Save the poutrage.

        1. That’s what I get for commenting before coffee.

          Sorry for the offense — I have no idea what I hoped to achieve by my comment other than explaining my freak-out by it. … I would have said this in person as well, not just the internet, but in person it’s easier to tell if a person is comfortable with such things. That was my poor judgement — assuming that the owner would be comfortable with that comment. (My friends and I spend a great deal of time calling each other f-ing hipsters for our various likes and dislikes, which is also offensive to some people. I forget that not everyone’s an asshole to people just as a matter of course.)

          I’m sure the workmanship is phenomenal — not having ever made a dress form, I can’t even imagine the work that went into it. So, I guess I’m trying to say that I’m sorry if I offended you in some way by my hasty comment.

          Also, sorry for starting the mini-flame war on netiquette!

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