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Easter, 1950’s style

April 1, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was so excited to win the Bessie Miller giveaway which I used to get this 50’s pattern


Well, as the story goes last Sunday I decided to sew a Easter dress. In my stash I had 4 yard of 54” cotton lawn from fashion fabrics club,

and I decided that the pattern and fabric would be the perfect match.

And that Friday I had this


A interesting thing about this pattern is that it has both buttons down the front and a side zipper, I thought about eliminating that side zipper but decided to put it in, and I am sure glad that I did since without it there is no way possible that I could get it over my head 🙂


I was amazed with how few alterations the pattern needed, is it really possible for a pattern to fit out of the envelope? ;)The collar is convertible and can be worn open or closed, and the buttonholes are handsewn.


As a slight perfectionist it is rare for me to be totally satisfied with a garment but I wore this dress for 10 hours yesterday and there is absolutely nothing I would change about it, except maybe fixing the hand-picked zipper 😉


This is only my first post on We Sew Retro but I’ve been so inspired seeing all the beautiful things you have made, and I hope you will give me some advice on a very crucial matter: What should I name my dress form?

I’ve had my Uniquely You dress form for 2 years and it is still nameless, I would like something out of the ordinary like Albertina or Willamina, but I just can’t decide, any suggestions?







  1. This looks great! It’s actually quite common for vintage dresses to have both a button front and side zip. For me, I find that vintage patterns fit much better out of the envelope than modern patterns. All I really need to do is an FBA and then add a bit to the waist and that’s it. Can’t wait to see your future creations!

  2. Beautiful! You did a great job. I have only sewn a couple of dresses from vintage patterns, but I too found that they fit better. They had half sizes then and this is what I am. Plus the patterns themselves were for only one size at a time and I think that this makes a big difference.

  3. I concur that vintage patterns were drafted much better than our modern ones. I find I get better fit with them as well.
    Looks like you did a lovely job! Keep up the good work.

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