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Tessuti Gridlock Competition Dress

March 31, 2013

One thing I really wanted to do this year with my blogging is get more involved in the blogging community.  This included not only commenting more and getting involved with the community on twitter but also taking part in more sewalongs and competitions.  So far this year I have taken part in the Sew For Victory sew-along and undertaken a sewing dare.  I also decided to give the Tessuti Gridlock Competition a go.

tessuti gridlock competition dress vintage vogue 8812

tessuti gridlock competition dress vintage vogue 8812

As soon as I saw this fabric I thought it would make an awesome summer dress.  I had a peek through my stash and decided on Vintage Vogue 8812.  In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best project for the fabric as it is quite thick so the gathers look quite bulky.  But once I had made my decision I couldn’t envisage it being anything else.  I thought the contrast of the white bolero would look nice for summer and whipped it up in some cotton drill from my stash.

tessuti gridlock competition dress vintage vogue 8812

tessuti gridlock competition dress vintage vogue 8812

This competition was a great learning curve for me.  I had a lot of fun taking part and I think now that I have done it once I will be more likely to take part in other online competitions in the future.  What I would change next time though is to use a pattern I had worked with before.  This way I would be able to focus on getting the details of the garment perfect rather than trying to figure out a new pattern.  I would also try not to get too set on an idea until I had a chance to see the fabric in real life.  Above all though I think you just need to remember to have fun with it.  Because at the end of the day if you don’t win at least you have a brand new outfit and you had fun making it too!  I am having a lot of fun this year with my sewing and I can’t wait to take part in more sewalongs and competitions.

  1. I think you are right , in the end it is having a great garment you made yourself and sharing the experience with people who understand the tenacity it takes to sew a finishes item the makes this blogging fun. I love the bolero with the dress. What pretty and practical garments for warm weather.

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