Tattoo-print Sundress, Gertie-style

March 27, 2013

Hi again guys! I feel a bit spammy for the two posts within two days – sorry!

Here’s my version of Gertie’s 1950’s-inspired Sundress, in an Alexander Henry quilter’s cotton (I think its called ‘Tattoo’). I know her pattern’s arn’t strictly vintage, but the styling is pretty close. I’ve made four of her design so far and feel like i’m sewing my way through her book.
















 I love this pattern! Its super easy to sew once you’ve gotten the fit right (like all of her patterns). It also only took 3m of fabric!
















I made a couple of changes – tweaking the fit of the bodice  and adding in-seam pockets (complete details on the blog). If you’ve been contemplating making this one go for it, it looks much better in real life than in her book!

  1. Wow! Fun dress! Can you give your thoughts on using quilting cotton for a retro dress? I am worried that it is not drapey enough but it can be so hard to find good cotton options.

    1. Hey Kate – i’ve never had qualms about using it! It turns quite drapey after a wash (my problems are normally the reverse, I want something crisper and it softens up too much).
      Go for it!

  2. I am so glad you said something about the book version vs. a real life version. I love Gertie and her creations, but I was really not into that dress when I saw it in her book. Your version is great. I’m reconsidering. 🙂

  3. I love your version! That’s 2 versions of this dress I’ve seen on Sew Retro that I’ve loved. I really need to make this – your colors with the belt are stunning!

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