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Sew for Victory outfit a.k.a my first Lutterloh 1941 Project Patterns

March 21, 2013

It took me some time (due to some health issues), but it’s done! I finished my outfit in time for the Sew for Victory Sewalong! This also means I finished the first 2 patterns of my Lutterloh 1941 project!

I drafted both patterns myself. This was my first blouse pattern and third dress I ever drafted.


The jumper dress was easiest to make. The pattern differs not a lot from the sloper pattern. That’s the reason I picked this one as my first, because it wouldn’t be too difficult. Only problem I had was that it looked a bit shapeless, as you an read here. I added a ‘belt’ and black buttons, and I think it turned out great. The jumper isn’t lined, but I think I should have done so. When I move my arms up (the camera is on a tripod on my desk so I had to put my arms up to click the button), the fabric of the blouse doesn’t move back. I hope you know what I mean.



The blouse is a different story. Firstly, I don’t like the placement of the shoulder darts at the front and the lack of darts at the back. I decided to stay true to the original  pattern design of the book, so I didn’t do anything with the (lack of) darts. Secondly, I’m not really happy with the fabric. It’s 100 % cotton, but it’s a bit stiff and it shows small holes when you use needles, or rip seams. So I had to be careful. Compared to my other cotton blouses, it wrinkles a lot! I bought the cotton as a white fabric, but decided to tea dye it to get a warmer more creamy color. 


What I like about these pieces, is that they have a lot of styling options. In the pictures I changed the shoes and you get a completely different look. And I have plenty of other ideas, this means these items are fitting perfectly in my wardrobe and I’m expecting lots of wear from them!



So what do you think?  Heels or Brogues?


  1. OOh I think the heels make it look a bit more dressy. But both options look like they work well. I really like your bows! They look like great basic pieces! It’s nice to see some things made up from Lutterloh.

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