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Polka dots and Sunshine

March 27, 2013

Hello fellow vintage sewing enthusiasts! 🙂

It’s spring and I am ready for warm weather!  I just completed this red polka dot sundress that I definitely will be wearing all summer long (and spring, if it stays warm!).

Red and white polka dot sundress, Vogue 8812
Red and white polka dot sundress, Vogue 8812

This is made out of stretch cotton broadcloth and is made using Vogue 8812, a Vintage Vogue design from 1940.  I pretty much followed the pattern, although I added wider straps and fully lined it with cotton batiste.  I also put a ribbon tie on the bodice instead of the self fabric tie and put in a zipper instead of the suggested buttons.

Red and white polka dot sundress, Vintage Vogue 8812

As I didn’t want this to be as low cut as it would have ended up being, I shortened the straps and the gathered bra on the bodice is more of a neckline feature than a full encompassing bra.  The next time I make this I shall cut the bra and stay larger so that it covers me more.  The photo on the pattern and the model do not show how low-cut this dress is and I don’t like showing off much of my cleavage.  And yes, I would have figured that out, had I made a muslin…..but I am happy with my dress and that’s what counts to me. 🙂

Red and white polka dot sundress, Vintage Vogue 8812

And now I finally have taken photos of myself in my creations rather than just taking photos on my dressform!  I do not think it’s bad for a tripod and sewing blogger newbie! 🙂

Happy Sewing!

  1. I have had this pattern for several months. I am about to start it for a summer dress! SO glad to see how nice it looks. Good advice about the low cut front!

  2. This dress looks beautiful on you, and the color is spectacular — you should wear it more often. I can’t imagine the bodice being any lower, but it is perfect where you have it. I say make more of these dresses because this one is so feminine and lovely.

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