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Blazer to Peplum Jacket Refashion

March 19, 2013

A few weeks ago, my sister and her betrothed tied the knot in a lovely, brief ceremony on an iceberg on the beach, in March, in N.J. at 5 p.m. Okay, there wasn’t really an iceberg, but holy flying unicorn, it was cooooolllllddd. I was raised in Maine, and I still froze my fanny off. Well, my powers of deduction are strong, and I knew it was going to be cold, so I decided 3 days or so before departing for the wedding that I needed a pretty, retro style jacket to keep me toasty on the beach. That didn’t happen- I would have needed to make trench coat out of a sub-zero sleeping bag to stay toasty in that gale. But I did try. It involved a $3.50 oversized lambswool blazer from Goodwill and a gallon of blind faith. Or was that whiskey?

Here is the before.

With a snip snip here and a pleat pleat there, here is what it became…

I really enjoyed re-making this jacket, which is actually a product of trial and error, careful cutting and stitching, and several hours of road trip hand sewing (the lining). I have worn it since the wedding with jeans, and I really like how that looks too. On my blog I have the whole, long winded run down with pics, a photo from the beach of us with the (real live) unicorn my sister rode to the reception, and the link to our pic and her story in the N.Y. Times Vows section.

Wheeew! Now I am off to pack for our upcoming trip to sunny FL. Bring on some sunshine!

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