March 6, 2013

this is my first post

i follow ‘we sew retro’ for a while now

and finally have decided

to jump on the bandwagon


so, this is a dress that i made using pattern

from burda international magazine

from the summer of 1978


i made some changes

i’m always too lazy to trace skirt patterns

so i just cut a rectangle, and free hand pleated it

into a skirt


dress has those cute sleeves with ties

that was my favorite thing about the design

and was really easy one to make


i omitted the side zipper

there are buttons in front, and dress has enough ease

so i found no need for the zipper


fabric is cotton shirting

and i loved those alternating big stripes of blues and greys

so i tried to incorporate that into the design

and cut front and back sleeve pieces and front and back bodice pieces

in a way that those lines are preserved



  1. Great job, this is probably the best pattern/fabric match I have seen! I love it – and I need this fabric 🙂

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