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1930s Retro Dress

March 31, 2013

Hi, This is my first pot on here and also the first thing I have ever sewn! I’m 16 so I am quite proud of myself for doing this. I made a vintage 1930s-esque dress from a cotton fabric that I found at Joann fabrics. This was my first project and I dove right into it. It took me about four days in total and it didn’t get difficult until the very end. I started it at home but time was cut short and I had to return to boarding school so I decided to take the pieces with me. I finished it on my dorm parents sewing machine. I stuck to the pattern for everything except the zipper. I was very confused by the pattern for the zipper so I made an it exposed zipper (red to go with the red flowers of the fabric). Overall, I am in love with this dress and how it came out! It fits perfectly! I wore it to school one day this past week and got so many compliments on it and when everyone found out I had made it, they were shocked and in awe! I also wore it for Easter day and my grandmother was in love with it. I definitely plan on making more retro clothing particular from the 20s 30s and 40s.

  1. Great job! What an ambitious first product. I love what you said about your grandmother, mine is exactly the same. She LOVES my vintage dresses and I get more compliments from her than anyone.

  2. Beautiful dress! Such pretty fabric. Congratulations on your first sewing project! I hope you’re inspired to make many more in the future.

  3. What an awesome dress! I began sewing my own clothes as a teen also, encouraged by my mother and grandmother, who lived with us in the winter months. Can’t wait to see your next project!

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