Vogue 9868

February 28, 2013

While at Hancock Fabrics I just fell in love with a rose cotton interlock fabric they had. I’ve always had it in my head I wanted a nightgown with little pink roses all over it. I found some lace with ribbon on sale and it was just what I wanted for my 1940 nightgown pattern, Vogue 9868. I had been planning on working on some other projects before this one but I just couldn’t help myself!

It only had 4 pieces so it went together really quickly! I started it around 9 pm and was done at 1 am! That’s including time it took me to get my serger to work right.Which since I got it at Christmas, this is my first time using on a complete project! It made the seams look so nice and even though I used dark thread the fabric is heavy enough that it doesn’t show through.



The fabric was really great to work with and super soft. This is definitely going to be one of my new favorites and worn a lot! I think the only thing I might change is the ribbon at the top, maybe to a pink ribbon for more contrast!

  1. That’s pretty; I like the floaty little sleeves.

    I take it the apparent fitted waistband yoke in the pattern picture is artist’s licence, as there’s no sign of any such thing on the cut pieces!

    1. It’s hard to tell on the pattern picture without pulling up a closeup but I think what you are seeing are the pattern’s illustration of wrinkles in the dress at the waist! But yup there is no waist band the skirt is one long piece connecting to the gathered top piece.

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