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Vogue 3015

February 8, 2013

Hi – this is my first post on this site although have been lurking for ages. I bought this pattern in my local vintage thrift shop. It is a Vogue pattern from the 60’s.

Blouses aren’t something I usually sew because for a little more work I can usually get a dress but one of my resolutions this year was to get some good tried and tested basic patterns had to do quite a lot of adjustments to the pattern and thankfully I did a muslin first as there was quite a few issues. I always find the bust point on vintage patterns very high (or perhaps that says something about my breasts!) I made the blouse with french cuffs first.


I also forgot to lengthen the waist on both versions I made – you would think I would learn after the fist make. I also forgot to lengthen the sleeves on the second version which is really stupid as I know I have longer than average arm length. Luckily for me the cuffs on the sleeve are supposed to be double so I now have a very deep cuff on version 2!

Please check out my blog for more details and photos.



  1. Holy cow, that’s gorgeous CRM fabric! I covet it. And you did a fabulous job of placing the elements. It’s a perfect fusion of modern plus vintage.

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