May 1937 German fashions

February 4, 2013

Hi everyone

I’m writing about 1930s German fashion magazines for my homework. And all I can think about is, what will my next sewing project be? Please help me to procrastinate. I’m looking over my May 1937 issue of Heim und Kleid (Home and Dress). I want to do a project using a design in it. I will probably have to make some modifications for it to be wearable in the twenty-first century. What do you think, would you choose any of these?

Here are a few pages from it:

The waistcoat and skirt is stylish.  I’m not sure about the diagonal toggles on the blouse though.


The giant bow (second from right), though striking, really isn’t for me. But how about the pleated puffy sleeve caps?


The pattern is provided for the coat on the left. Looks as though it wouldn’t take too many changes to change it into the dress next to it.

These all look very practical. The pattern is provided for the overall, and the lower half is actually wide legged trousers, not a skirt.


All the patterns are provided for the skirt, tunic, slip and nightie, along with full-size diagrams of the embroidery.  I think the neck frill might be a bit much for a nightie. I imagine it would be quite annoying to sleep in.

Any thoughts? Am I crazy to pick a project or three from this magazine?


  1. I’d go for the wide legged overalls. They seem like a versatile wardrobe piece that could get a lot of wear. You can hardly go wrong, though, with all of these great patterns to choose from!!

  2. In your shoes, I would do the nightgown. The neck frill looks great and would give extra fabric to scrunch up around the neck when the husband sleepily resists my preference to pull the blanket higher.

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