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Advance 5876 Kitty Pajamas

February 18, 2013
Advance 5876

This little 1950s gem was in an eBay lot I purchased last summer.  It has the name of the owner (Barbara Gilliam – Homeroom 111) written on every piece – the envelope, instructions, and every single pattern piece.  She even did the hard work for me and identified each piece (front, back, etc.)!  This pattern was probably her school project.  My store-bought scottie dog pajamas, worn nightly for 5 years, bit the dust the same week Joann’s had a sale on flannel AND a 20% off coupon.  I took it as a sign to get to work making these up and chose a kitty fabric as a contrast to my previously worn dogs.

I cut View 2.  I didn’t have to make any major alterations to the pattern, but I did lengthen the pants by about an inch, and extended the wrist cuff by an inch so it wouldn’t cut off the circulation to my hand.  It took about 2 days of sewing to complete, but only because I did french seams, turned and stitched seams, and bound the armhole and uh-hum…[crotch] seam with bias tape.

Armhole showing all three seam finishes

I know, the bias tape doesn’t match!  I had this self-made tape left over from another project and didn’t feel like making matching tape for a part of this garment that only I will see.  Besides, waste not, want not!



Pocket detail









The pattern has two front pockets.

Finished Pajamas

These are perfect for the frigid winter nights, and I’m hoping they will last me even longer than the store-bought ones did!

  1. Last time I made pajamas I really phoned it in on the edge finishing (obviously stupid idea – scratchy jams? No thanks) so I’m in awe of your armhole photo and will use it to shame myself into doing things properly the next time I start getting all “just pink them! it’s quicker! GO GO GO!”

  2. I’m getting a kick out of how you wrote “crotch” in parentheses. A bunch of us did that in my High School sewing class exam and I can still hear our teacher scolding our silliness by saying, “Girls!! The crotch is a body part, not a cuss word!”
    Great job on the PJ’s – they are cute!

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