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Academy 4832, version two, full skirt.

February 16, 2013

This is my second time around working with this pattern, and this time, I opted for the full skirted version, my first dress with this pattern is still waiting to be hemmed!

The dress is so beautiful, and I love how it comes together, the bodice has a highish rounded neckline, dropped waist, is well fitted and sleeveless, with a deep ‘v’ neck at the back.  The skirt called for twice the fabric I had, so I improvised.  As I was low on fabric, I also used another pale blue fabric from my stash for the facings.

The fabric is an amazing vintage barkcloth that my mum gave me.  I knew I could create a stunning bodice with this fabric, but was worried the skirt may be bulky with this fabric, but it turned out well.  The fabric is actually more purple than blue, as the finished photos indicate.

I have more on the story over on my blog.. but here is my run down on the project:

Brief pattern and project review…


Will I wear it?  Yes!  I love it!

Will I make it again?  Yes!

Fabric choice, alternatives:  Barkcloth was great to work with, I love these colours, it too chunky for a full gathered skirt.

Technical, pattern fit:  Almost perfect, so glad to be able to get a little extra help from a pro sewer! I will need to make a hollow bust adjustment along with a sway back, and short back adjustment.  Then it will be perfect.

The illustration on the envelope:  Very close, this skirt is not as full, but the fabric holds the shape.

Instructions and assembly:  Easy, and quick to put together.

I can’t wait to make this one again!

  1. Where have I seen this fabric before? Serious fabri-ja-vu happening over here.

    I love it. This looks like one of those patterns that you’ll want to make again and again. Consider this a transcontinental high five 🙂

  2. Thank you!

    I find the fabric nostalgic, it reminds me of textiles my grandparents had at their bach (or summer house) old curtains, cushions, etc, perhaps not every day furnishings – maybe just too wild – but cool enough to enjoy on holiday.

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