Two Christmas Dresses

January 6, 2013

Hi Everyone, Here are two dresses I made for Christmas, which I know is a little excessive but you can’t help what fabric you fall in love with.  Please forgive the dodgy victory rolls, it was a first attempt.

I found this fabric way back in July or some such inappropriate season and thought it was soo cool.  I had been wanting to make a 50’s style shirtwaist in a kitschy print, having see a couple such fabulous items on this very site.  I made the pattern myself, but I did use vintage buttons that I got from a friend who was closing her vintage store.  She sold me this giant jar of gorgeous buttons for a very reasonable price which I carried home on the bus like a baby and proudly presented to my boyfriend who, in a Herculean effort, pretended to be interested.

This dress was my Christmas party dress this year so I actually got quite a bit of use out of it.  The print is of little birds and berries which I love.  This one is self-drafted as well and was inspired by a dress I saw in a vintage store which cost far too much.  As I was looking at the picture I thought ‘aww the buttons didn’t show up’ which turned out to not be surprising since I never sewed them on.  Oops.  There were supposed to be covered buttons in the purple abouve the flappy wing parts.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Also behind my right knee are some Christmas stockings I made out of the leftover fabric from the first dress.

More on my blog, A Sewing Machine and an Umbrella. Cheers


    1. It’s Sheri Berry ’12 Joys of Christmas’ by Northcott Fabrics but it’s from a few years ago (SB is actually with Moda now) so it may be hard to track down!

  1. eau. mah. guh. I LOVE your first dress… probably because I have the same one hanging in my closet!!
    Great minds think alike, and all that. I wish you and I lived in the same town so we could both wear it to Christmas parties and make people think they were seeing double. Congrats on your truly excellent taste in novelty prints.

    1. Oh my gosh Joni! That is too funny! It was your dress I saw that made me want to make a shirtwaist and I had absolutly no idea it was the same fabric. I remember now because you had the two cute little skirts in the same post. I wonder if there are other We Sew Retro twins out there. Truly flabbergasting.

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