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A Wiggle What?

January 10, 2013

“You’re making a what?” my sewing group giggled.

“It’s a 1950s wiggle dress.” I repeated.

“Because back then they made them so tight certain things wiggled when you walked.” I said with a suggestive shake.

Sorry for the lack of wiggling. I’m still learning how to take better pictures of my wearable projects. This pattern was a true gem. To read all the sewing nitty gritty pop on over to my blog.┬áThe real question is… does it need a belt?

Front view
Back view


  1. It needs a little something, that’s for sure! How are you planning on jazzing it up? Perhaps some sparkle along the neckline? A fantabulous belt? A killer necklace and heels? Think about how you’re planning on wearing and using this outfit, and perhaps don’t have a specific belt, but just plan on belting with whatever catches your eye that day!

  2. I love a brightly coloured dress!

    A belt might increase the wiggle factor.

    Without the belt, to me it has a looser-fitting 60s look. If you’re up for it, it might go well with a bright (or positively lurid) top to complement the pink. The right shade of green might work (or vibrate in an eye-aching way!)

    A crazy question for the experienced vintage dress and belt wearer –
    when you wear a dress where the bodice is sewn to the skirt, where do you place the belt? Above the seam? Below the seam? Directly on the seam?

    1. I think it depends on the style of the dress. When it is a full gathered skirt, the belt usually lives best just above the gathering (sitting right on top). If the top is bloused, I usually put a belt directly over the seam to hold the blousing up.

      When in doubt, play with what works and looks best for your body type – don’t fight how your clothes want to be naturally. If the belt and dress aren’t shifting around & driving you crazy, and they look good to you in the mirror, the belt’s probably in a good spot. (At least, that’s how I approach actors’ clothing on a film set.) And as long as you aren’t self-conscious, no one will scrutinize the details. =)

    2. I am knitting a turquoise sweater and I have a bright green cardigan. I am going to have to play with this!

      Brooke gave a pretty comprehensive answer to the belt question.

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