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1955 Maternity Top

January 12, 2013

Hello all! I’ve finally finished the vintage maternity top I’ve been working on. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It’s very comfortable and looks really cute with my skinny jeans, and I think will also work really well with the black pencil skirt I’ve got. I’ve put the buttons on as well, but took the pictures while there was still some light coming through the windows, so I hadn’t had a chance to sew them on yet. They are just plain, black, 3/4″ buttons.

(I realized after I’d made all the buttonholes that I put them on the left instead of the right, but was too tired to cut them all out and make them again).



The fabric is a woven cotton dot, with red, yellow and pink threads running through the polka dots. I used scraps of the linen/rayon I used for my 1930s trousers for the trim around the yoke.




I’m really excited about having something new to wear, as well as having something nice and loose, since a lot of the basics I’ve acquired so far are more form fitting. I’ve got several pieces of fabric in the stash that I’m considering using for some more, similar tops. This pattern, along with some other really cute maternity patterns, were a gift from a friend and fellow vintage-lover. This one is Simplicity 1174, from 1955. The shorts are really cute too, and if I’m desperate for another quick project and it’s gotten warm enough in early spring to wear shorts I may whip a pair up. My sweet husband told me he was very impressed and thinks this is really cute also (I will add that he is impressed with anything I make, but I’m not going to turn down the compliment).



There is more information about current and future baby related projects on my blog.


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