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1950s Tartan Swisshy Skirt

January 30, 2013

Started off with butterick 5556 and a plan. Originally I was going to make the ‘dress’ with contrasting skirt but decided it was better to make them as seperates. I just about squeezed the skirt out of the fabric (60″ wide) by cutting the skirt ‘lining’ length and turning the skirt cutting layout from landscape to portrait.

I also did pockets for the first time and was surprised how quick its all come together.

Used the waistband from the high waisted pencil skirt as I knew it was a perfect fit. Pleated rather than gathered the skirts to the waistband, leaving it smoother at the front where the pockets were.

These photo’s were taken wearing 2 petticoats for extra volume.

The top was erm..borrowed a stop gap till I make by matching shirt.


for more info and pics see my blog

  1. That is really cute and has great swish! And I love the colors.

    Although you said you used a waistband pattern that you knew fit, I beg to differ – I think you’re selling yourself short with that waistband.

    Fifteen years of low-waisted clothes and you kids today don’t know where your real waist is!

    You should take that skirt waist in A LOT and wear it up at your actual waist, which is the narrowest part of your torso a couple of inches up from where you’re wearing it now. The whole point of a full ’50s skirt like that is to make your waist look tiny, and they were meant to sit at your smallest part. Also I think I’d make it narrower; it’s clearly not a shaped band, so the depth of it is producing ripples at the top where your body curves in and the band doesn’t.

    I think if you do make the waist smaller and move it up, you’ll find it to be both even more flattering and better at keeping the matching top tucked in.

    1. I would have been around ten 15 years ago. lol!
      Ah yes I made a compromise as when it is at the smallest part of my waist it seems to emphasise my shortness. Ideally it would be a couple of centimetres higher (I was thinking of moving the button over slightly.

      1. I think a really narrow waistband would allow you to move the skirt up without eating into your torso, but I must admit this is not my particular problem so I’m not about to judge! 😉

  2. BTW, I think it’s funny that I put “grandma voice” html markers around the “Fifteen year” comment, as a joke, but the coding on this site cleaned them right out!

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