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1930s Mail Order Pattern

January 4, 2013

Hi all! I just got back from my favorite fabric and pattern dive. I almost squeeled when I saw this pattern. It was marked as a 1940s vintage pattern but I shake my fist at that. It’s 30s if its a day. Anyway, it’s for a 30 inch bust which usually fits me so I bought it anyway for a whopping $0.95. I got it home to measure it and found it to be completely pullover. Even the shirt! No zips, snaps, and the buttons on the blouse are cosmetic. The pattern was also in undisturbed factory folds and in pristine condition. Once everything was all measured the jumper has a completed 37.5″ bust and a 30.75″ waist. The blouse has a completed 36.5″ bust. That’s quite a bit of ease for a 30″ bust pattern. I cannot wait to make it, I may have to lengthen the jumper top a bit but I think everything will fit swimmingly.

Also, I was hoping someone had some insight into which company manufactured this pattern. There is no date, no names etc. and it appears to have two pattern numbers. Maybe one is a coordinating adult pattern? I did find this picture to validate my tentative date right here on the site. Any help would be great! Thanks!

  1. I have a pattern with this same style of envelope, where the instructions are printed inside. . . Also a 1930s girl’s dress. . . And it even has the same notes on the tab, in the same font/spacing and everything. . . And it’s marked “New York Styles,” which I assume to be the New York pattern company. I read somewhere online that they only existed until the mid-1940s. I’d agree with you that your pattern looks 1930s to me. 🙂

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