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Year End Summary

December 31, 2012

First I just want to say thank you to everyone on here! I have been so inspired by seeing everyone’s projects and enjoyed getting to contribute to this lovely community! I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

I wanted to start the new year with a clean slate so figured I should get my last vintage dress posted on here! This was actually the first full vintage dress I made and I wore it all summer! It just took that long to get pictures of it!

The moment I saw this pattern I loved it. Pleats are my favorite and that lovely red… who doesn’t want to make that dress?!?!

I decided to use a gorgeous coral cotton I picked up last February that has been mourning quietly on the shelf that it was not a dress yet.

I did a tissue fitting and things came out ok so I didn’t take in the bodice at all even though it read a size too big. Whoops. When I finished the dress and put it on, the neckline did need reduced. Can you spot my clever fix? On the other hand the waist fit perfectly with just enough ease. Next time I will just take a pleat out of the neckline and it should fit perfectly. The skirt had to be reduced to half the volume the pattern called for since I did not have enough fabric and wasn’t going to wear a petticoat with it.

In honor of sewing thoughtfully, the slow clothing movement or whatever it’s called, I added a couple special additions so it would be more wearable for me personally. I added pockets. Special pockets for my insulin pump! A hole in the inside allows me to thread my pump through so it is always accessible. I much prefer this to where it usually gets stashed when I wear dresses. This added a little extra time to the making since I had to remember how to do hidden pockets and finish the raw edges differently.

I also added the lingerie straps since I usually have kids crawling all over me and I hate showing off my undergarments in church. 😀 Or any public place for that matter.

I finished it by hand picking the lapped zipper topstitching for an invisible finish.

It came together very quickly even with the adjustments I made and the construction was super easy. I am delighted with it and can’t wait to make up another version in a solid or more subtle print so the neckline pleating will really stand out.

Well that’s it for me this year! Hope everyone has a great time celebrating! Happy New Year!

      1. Dear Laura,Just a note to say Happy Birthday. I don’t get to my email very often, and this morning I woke up and reebmmered that I forgot your special day although all the days are special, aren’t they Laura.

  1. Non-sewing related comment, but I love that you’re barefoot! It’s snowing here in St. Louis, and we just got back from a walk with the dog. Nice to remember the feel of grass beneath my tootsies 🙂

    1. Haha! Thats so funny! I’m glad I brought back memories of summer time, (we are freezing here too) but I was barefoot because we didn’t have any shoes to match at the time of pictures! The grass had mostly died and was poking my feet like crazy!!

  2. Really nice dress! And cute little one! But I gotta say…what are you doing outside in bare feet when you have diabetes? I’m not scolding. It’s the nurse in me; I can’t help it. Take care of yourself.

  3. I have that pattern in my stash! I love it when people post photos of the patterns I have, so I can see them made up. Looks great!

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