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Ruby Wiggle Dress

December 16, 2012

This is the Ruby dress, made from a fitted wiggle dress pattern from Eliza M’s Vintage Style Patterns. As the name suggests, the patterns all take their influences from vintage designs and, like vintage patterns, you choose them according to your size rather than having one multi-sized pattern. I used a polka dot stretch cotton, which is the perfect fabric for this style of 1950’s dress as it pulls you in and flatters the figure. I dispensed with facings and chose to fully line the dress instead – I’m glad i did as it not only looks neater but the extra slinky layer makes getting the dress on and off a lot easier!

I’m pleased with the final dress and as it’s sleeveless, I can see it being worn all year round. I just have to practice walking in it now – as the name suggests, it really does make you wiggle instead of walk!

More construction details and photos can be found on my blog, Handmade Jane. x



  1. I LOVE it, and I’m quite inspired to make a similar dress I’ve had in the wings for a while.

    I’m planning to fully line it too, it does sound like the way of the future.

    I had a good look at your blog too, I enjoy your work, though you must sleep as little as I do to maintain your sewing habit 🙂

    1. Thank you! I do pretty OK on the sleep front, I do all my sewing in the day whilst my kids are at school!
      You should definitely give your similar dress a go, so glad this has inspired you. x

  2. Don’t know why this hasn’t gotten more comments, as it’s super-cute and very flattering! I love the neckline and that perfect, just-past-the-knee length. And of course the polka dots…

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