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Bras and Slips and Skirts, OH MY!

December 18, 2012

Two weeks ago, I finished up Mrs. Depew’s 1940′s French Bra Pattern #2014 in a simple lavender cotton broadcloth (read about it here).  I broke out the nicer satin-y fabric I had in my stash and made up another.  This time, I did not use any interfacing – I found this fabric to be much thicker and have more structure than the cotton fabric.

Pink Satin-y Bra

I added a little ribbon rosette on the front.  This bra reminds me of a cake with a dollop of frosting in the middle – or it could be that I’m reminded of a cake since I was frosting cookies this past week!


Up next is the slip from McCall’s 8744 (c. 1951) that I had asked for instructions here.  I actually finished this about two months ago, but am just now getting around to taking pictures.  Please excuse the hangers, I don’t have a mannequin.

Pattern cover and finished slip

This one is made with some ivory colored crepe fabric.  I have never had a full-length slip before and have wanted one ever since the age of 5 when I saw the 1980’s movie “Annie” – you know the scene where the sexy secretary is dancing in her slip and getting ready to go to the movies!  The only modification I made to this pattern was cutting the pieces out on the bias.  I don’t have the instructions to this pattern, but from the pieces shown on the back of the envelope, it looks like it is cut on the grain.  All the other slip patterns I have are cut on the bias.  This slip is very fun to wear under my dresses and skirts!

Speaking of skirts, this next one is what I call “The Blye Skirt”, named after my husband’s grandmother who gave me the fabric last year and recently passed away at the incredible age of 99!  I used Simplicity 4075 from 1942.

The material seems like some sort of suiting, and I found it to be a bit slippery to work with.  I had to shorten it by about 2 inches because I did not have enough fabric to have the original length, but it still comes down well past my knee and I love the end result.  I did a nice little side placket with snaps and used lace hem tape.  Though it needs a bit of ironing after hanging in my closet this past week (don’t you love my frugal pants/skirts hanger?), it has already been worn numerous times!  I think Blye would have been proud!

  1. Wow, Miranda you’ve been busy! I’m going nuts over the bra. It reminds me of the tasty confection-like lingerie worn by Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette! What kind of fabric did you use this time? Thanks so much again for mentioning my pattern, you’re such a gem!

    1. I’m not sure what the fabric is – I found it in the special occasion section at Joann’s. It’s probably from the Casa Collection (since that seems to be on sale so often), maybe the crepe back satin? Ha, it does have that Marie Antoinette vibe! Perhaps I’ll add some more frosting-like rosettes where the straps meet the top points! 🙂

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