Baby It’s Cold Outside.

December 12, 2012

Friends, the last time we spoke, it was summer… well, the end of summer. I’m a slacker. Seasons have shifted since my last finished project, and I’ve traded my swirly dresses for snugly pajamas.

There are a lot of fun details incorporated into this PJ pattern: Advance 6567.

I’ve posted a ridiculous number of photos and additional information on my experience making these over on my blog, and I’d love for you to stop by. I adore visitors!  Have you made your own PJ’s? What are your favorite patterns for making them?



  1. Those are marvelous! The fabric, the piping! They look so warm and snuggly. I feel like such a cheater making just bottoms. You have inspired me to make a “Pair of Pajamas!” (Top and bottom!)

  2. OMG darling!

    I am currently obsessed with piping, and I really love the contrast the yellow gives to the bright floral you chose. So cute!

    I haven’t made any pajamas yet, but I have been trolling my pattern stash for a good one. I think I might need shortie jammies, since I get really annoyed when I toss and turn and the legs bunch up.

    Anybody remember the pink shortie babydoll nightgown worn by Trudy Campbell on Mad Men? She looked like a cupcake!

    Here’s a link. Scroll down a bit.


    1. Oooo. If you find a good short jammie pattern, I’d be interested to know more! These are going to be great for winter in Chicago, but come spring, I’m going to need something a lot cooler.

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