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Vintage Fabric Advice – what to make?

November 27, 2012


I have been given the fabric above. Believe its 60s or 70s (thanks Mrs Bee for that identification).

Now it looks like I have about 2 metres and a bit but it seems quite narrow (I’ll measure it properly tonight).

I’d like to make something from the era it came from to wear. Can anyone suggest what I could do. A skirt or a short shift dress sprung to mind. But would something like a blouse or a waistcoat work? Its not lightweight and I have no idea of the fabric content. But it drapes ok. I wonder if its a blend?

Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

Late addition: Measured it its 35inches wide but I have about 3 metres of it. So maybe enough for a dress?


  1. My quick and dirty trick for making a dress is to cut the bodice pieces, even up the edges and divide the fabric that is left into two rectangles. I then pleat or gather them to the bodice for a fullish skirt look.
    You should have enough for a shift dress, though which would look amazing and be easy to accessorize with belts and jewelry. Some shift dress patterns have a second color as sleeve and hem bands which would be a way to stretch this fabric!

  2. I have a really cute dress at work in a very similar fabric that I made for Cloudstreet (an epic Aussie play set in the 40’s-70’s), I can’t find the pattern though.
    It’s a straight shift, with some gathering around the neck & I bound the neckline, armhole & hem in a contrast fabric.
    The fabric was a mid weight cotton & it look fab.
    If I can find the pattern I’ll post it to the Pinterest board.

        1. Thanks. 🙂
          Made start on this last night. Very quick to tun up even by hand. Just got to cut the bias binding and add it and hem.
          I’m just debating on the sleeves as the neckline has turned out quite low. And I’d be inclined to wear a top underneath.

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