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Inspired! And a question…

November 6, 2012

I recently found this blog and went back several months reading all the posts and became inspired to finally start on my first Vintage dress. I have been collecting patterns for a while but have not ventured forth and created. But this weekend I began my first dress for my eldest daughter who chose the fabric. Here it is…

Check out the FAB Juliet sleeves on View 3! It is all cut and I have begun… BUT I have a question for all of you retro seamstresses out there… How do you finish your inside seams? Do you use a serger? Or french seams? Or pink them? Thanks!!! And I will share the finished product when it is complete!

  1. Welcome! Glad to have you onboard 🙂

    I’m a big fan of french seams – they’re easy, neat and (especially important when sewing for kids) they’re not all scratchy and itchy.

  2. Welcome and congratulations on your first post & steps!
    What kind of fabric is the dress? That will give you ideas about how to finish the inside seams. I’ve recently started binding my rayon seams (love rayon fabric), generally pink cottons (excuse: new pinking shears!), silks & poly I’d consider french seams, as Katherine suggested. You might also ask your daughter… 😉 Do let us know what you finally decide!

  3. I don’t worry about accuracy to the period so I use my serger to finish seams. If it is a lace or a sheer I will do french seams just for a cleaner look.

    Welcome to the group and looking forward to your finished dress!

  4. In 1968 I made two versions of this dress. Recently married we had a lot of other weddings to attend. I was in love with the sleeves. Sewing then usually meant French Seam finishes or pinked seams with a straight stitch just before the pinking since this was before home sergers. I made View 4 Silky satin with sheer sleeves using French seams and lace bias binding around the armholes to keep them neat. I was so excited to see this pattern again. Can’t wait to see the dress.

    1. Thank you Elaine for sharing! The sleeves are one of the things I love about this dress… and what an idea! I may have to do a second run with sheer or lace… Hmmm… with lace dresses being all the rage maybe I could do a lace version- I like the idea of bringing current trends in with the vintage… Now you have me thinking! (Lace binding! Good idea… I already did all my sleeve gatherings…)

  5. I made this pattern when it first came out for an 8th grade dance. The movie Romeo and Juliet (with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey) had just been released, and this pattern echoed some of the costumes in the movie. I made my dress in dark blue brocade.

    Best of luck–I recall it was a fairly straightforward, well-drafted pattern.

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