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A Lovely 60’s Party Dress

November 21, 2012

A few weeks back I posted a pattern and a question about what kind of seams you lovely fellow sewers use to finish your vintage clothing. (I wasn’t sure if a serger would be appropriate!) I received many good suggestions, and happily began my first vintage project!

Here is the pattern and fabric for the dress. Doubly exciting to me was the fact that several comments mentioned they at one time had this pattern… and had made the dress. And when I showed my Auntie Lynda the dress, she informed that she had made a dress from the pattern as well! Oh, the excitement! 🙂

I am happy to say the dress is complete and I am pleased! When my daughter Kadi put it on she said she felt like Fiona because of the fab sleeves. (Fiona is the princess in Schrek) She said all she needed was a party to wear it to!

The dress is a marvelous color. I used a Shantung, shiny side up per my daughters request. Everything went pretty well… I hand sewed the hem and facings and the ribbon. For the most part I used French Seams on the inside. The gathered sleeve was a little more difficult and I ended up using a turned and stitched seam on that area.  The sleeves are a bit long- again at her request! But when your daughter feels like a Princess- You feel like you have succeeded in your mission!

I would like to do this dress again- All in lace and lined with a slip type dress. And maybe turn the sleeves in to a bell sleeve. Just a thought!

  1. Yes- it is great when they love what we make- and even better to see them wearing it! I am definitely trying the lace- just have to decide if I do a black lace for winter or a creamy lace… I also saw in one of the fashion mags recently colored laces! Orange lace would be groovy!

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