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Unprinted Roses

October 25, 2012

Sometimes there is a perfect marriage of pattern and fabric. That’s what happened with this little gem. I only got to wear it a few times before the weather got too chilly.

This was a great learning experience for me. Since the fabric was almost sheer I did my first underlining. I treated the two skirt layers as one but I did the bodice wrong sides together so the darts were supporting each other.

Supporting Darts

I kept the facings but did no interfacing since there were three layers of fabric. It seemed to work well that way.

The first alteration I made to the pattern was to do Gertie’s handy waist alteration. It works wonderfully well, when you remember to do it. I forgot on the overlap piece. Thankfully it is the under layer since there was no fabric left to recut the piece.

This is why you trace!!

I also added bias binding I cut down as a piping along the scallops. So great but learned a LOT there. I need to mark my stitching line much more accurately so the piping is uniform the whole way across.

The second adjustment I made was to insert a zipper in the side seam instead of having buttons all the way down the side. I really wanted to showcase these mother of pearl buttons I picked up on our family trip back East and there were only three. Note to self, put in horizontal buttonholes to prevent sliding. Apparently this only bothers me.

I hand stitched the hem to the lining so there is no hem line showing on the front. Because of the underlining the skirt hangs beautifully with great body. To finish it off I decided to make a belt from a vintage kit I had. When I finally figured it out we decided we liked the floaty bow better. I especially like how it adds to the back.

I really like this dress and am looking forward to next summer when it can get more wear. The kimono sleeves look great but I don’t like how they feel under a sweater so this will only be a warm weather dress.

My hat goes off to people who Model for a living. I was falling off this rock.


To read more about my experience working with an unprinted pattern check out my blog.


  1. Freakin’ awesome! These 1940’s everyday dress patterns are right up my alley. I love seeing them “brought to life”.

  2. That is so gorgeous. I love how you bound the edges with a contrast, what a beautiful finish.
    And it just freaks me out when I see someone has the same pattern as me. Made a day dress for a production of Anything Goes about 6 years ago, needless to say I didn’t bind the edge with 28 girls to dress in the cast!

  3. Gorgeous pattern, nicely made up. The unmarked patterns are not so bad are they?

    I’ve just started working with some unmarked patterns from the Australian Home Journal. I really like the hole punches for marking darts, and have started hole-punching the patterns I trace so I can quickly mark darts and matching points through the holes.

    1. I love the hole punches too!!! Yes, I got done with it and thought, what was the big deal? 😀 I’m looking forward to the next one.
      I’ll keep my eyes open for your designs. I’ve heard the Australian Home Journal has great patterns in it.

  4. I could not agree more with you, perfect pattern, perfect fabric – I wish I had this pattern but, bearing in mind I live in the North of England, our summers last approximately one week! This is truly stunning workmanship x

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