1. You did an awesome job!my 3 yrs old daughter would love your creations.Too bad nobody around here has your creativity and skills!I’m following you,hope you’ll visit my blog if you like.Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!xxx

  2. I made two outfits this summer using this pattern–one for my baby, and the other for my four-year-old! I changed out the romper, though. Grace, my four-year-old, deemed it “babyish” so I switched it for overall shorts, and pretty much the same for her sister, only with a bloomer bottom. Never got around to posting about it, though! It was the middle of my summer sewing marathon.

  3. Wow, Laura, lots of work in those outfits. Really cute! I understand your four year old. I think I like this style of sunsuit much better in the 3 month size than the 12-18 months size.

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