redrafted fun.

September 23, 2012

I have been doing a little sewing recently.

I got a pattern on trademe(a new zealand based version of ebay) for this dress:

When it came time to make it the instructions were missing and the collar pieces indecipherable.I redrafted a new collar from experience and guess work and now I have this:

(sorry it is sideways,I forgot to edit it)

I never knew why people re drafted patterns before but now I do.I moved darts and shortened the bodice and wow!!I have a waist!and boobs!!

That concept is new:)

It turns out it wasn’t me having figure flaws it was modern clothes having drafting flaws.

I now need to make this $4 find:

I will definitely redraft this pattern first.

Lesson learned.


  1. Congratulations on discovering the best thing about making your own clothes – making them perfect for YOU! And you’re absolutely right, the flaws are not in your figure (because who looks like a mannequin? They look weird, anyway!) but in trying to fit it with a lowest-common-denominator average-shape dress.

    So do we get to see the dress on you? We want to admire your new figure! ;^)

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