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My first complete Regency dress…Oh, dear got the costume bug!

September 21, 2012

So as you might have read I have been attempting for over a year to make a regency dress. But really struggled with getting anything to fit/not look like a bedsheet. I did finally come up with 2 ‘outfits’ using the same dress as a base. Used my original mock up (bed sheet) as a petticoat. And made my white dress into an open robe.

I wore the yellow dress, bonnet and green spencer. The spencer I actually made the morning I was meant to travel to Bath. Got an old military style jacket I had only worn a few times since I bought it over a year ago and cut the bottom off to raise the hem.

I even unstitched the detail on the back and moved it up.

I also created a sash from the material left over from the bonnet decoration.

That was my promenade dress. For the Dance workshop my open robe came into play. as you can see the sash and yellow scarf came in to play with my cameo broach doing sterling service. I also got to break out the ‘paisley’ shawl.

I must have looked authentic as got asked for lots of photo’s.

I’m already starting to think about ‘next year’ and if I could go again….and of course make another frock…this time a ballgown. I’ve got my heard set on something in Duck egg blue and gold.

To read more about my time at the Jane Austen Festival, Bath in 2012 see my blog

    1. Thank you Katrina.
      Are you tempted to go to Bath again?
      I am starting to look around for ‘balls’ to go to so I can get the most use out of my outfit. Although I think I will dye my white open robe dark green.

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