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DuBarry 2205B

September 30, 2012

Hello everyone! I’m new here. I’ve been a “stalker” for a few weeks now, truly enjoying all of your creations and somewhat envious of your talent! Here is my first project I plan on making. It’s a pattern I won on Ebay, with the backdrop of my Grandmother’s 1947 Domestic sewing machine. I plan on starting this soon, and because I won’t be quite thin enough yet to wear it when it’s finished, I’ll probably use my 18 year old daughter as a model (and hopefully inspire her to sew retro too!…that’s her crocheting in my profile picture). I’m so excited to get started!


WWII era dress pattern
Du Barry pattern #2205B
  1. Beautiful!

    I’m yet to try a 40s pattern, such a lovely dress, they seem to be expensive, and harder to come by…

    Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Welcome !

  2. Thanks, Ange. I’m so excited about this one. I actually won it on ebay for $0.99! I would check “vintage patterns” on ebay for purchases. You’d be surprised how cheap many of them are. The ones I’ve been getting I have spent less than $5 on. Good luck pattern hunting!

  3. That pattern is so gorgeous, aI really love the short sleeved red one, the neckline is great! Good Luck with your projects, oh and isnt that sewing machine amazing – you are so lucky to have a grandmother who owns one!
    Love Lil

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