A yellow 1940s suit

September 8, 2012

Since I had worn out a spring/summer jacket that I inherited from a friend seven years ago (that she had made and used for a couple of years) I decided to make  a light jacket from what I suspect is mostly polyester in a diamond twill pattern this spring.  My inspiration started with this  illustration from a 1948 Swedish pattern journal.

That jacket had raglan sleeves and was obviously inspired by the New Look, so in the end what I got from it was primarily the collar and the decorative stitching,  while I changed the sleeves and added visible buttons, making it look more like a late ’30s or early 40’s jacket. You can read more about it and see more pictures  in my blog . Since I had some fabric left I also made a skirt, which was finished yesterday. And this is how it turned out:



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