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Self-drafted skirt

August 12, 2012
self drafted skirt

self drafted skirt

Not the most exciting skirt in the world but hopefully the beginnings of lots of variations on a theme! It took me a while to fully understand how to create an accurate skirt pattern but now I think I have mastered it! I have documented how to do it on my blog. It’s probably old news to those in the know but I found it a lot easier to grasp once I had laid out these steps in my own words and pictures!

This skirt was made from cheap lightweight suit fabric, a remnant I found in a local fabric shop. The lining is far more exciting: two-tone polka dot poly – 3 metres found in a charity shop for £1!

skirt lining

I used the lapped zipper technique, though I could use more practice with this to get it a bit neater!

lapped zipper

I have some lovely vintage blouse patterns that would look so classy paired with a pencil skirt. Just got to find me some time!

self drafted skirt


  1. I think your lapped zipper just needs to overlap a bit more to hide the actual zip… you want a tiny bit of underlap on the underneath edge. It helps to mark a theoretical straight line continuing up from the rest of the seam below and match your top edge up with this, not with the seam attaching the zipper (which will be offset slightly – and hence hidden).

    After which of course your vintage-type lapped seam will need a press stud or hook to hold the overlapped edge down 🙂

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