Lutterloh 1952, a dress with a sheet

August 22, 2012


I’m always watch all the marvellous clothes you create and today I’m not shame to present you my first really dress from Lutterloh 1952, spring.

I’ve did it with a sheet that I’ve found in a market last spring.

In october, the 13th, there will be my E. Day, my lover and I will engaged and the theme is 50’S.


I hope you’re enjoy with it

And sorry for my very  “ugly” langage, I’m french and it’s not very easy for me…

  1. I think you dress is lovely – the contrast of the fabric and the belt and flower really highlight the pretty fabric. How easily this dress can be changed too with a different belt and accessories. Your English is not ugly at all, keep practising and it will get easier.

  2. Lovely! The neckline is interesting and I love the ‘fabric’ you used; it’s so great to find a sheet in a great pattern — there’s so much fabric!

      1. Your waist is 32 and your hips are 44–your photo sure does not indicate that-the dress you made is very flattering and really looks fantastic on you–it’s nice to know that not all french women are skinny skinny–your proportions are normal

  3. Lovely dress indeed!! Sheets make great sewing projects dont they? 😀
    How did you find the Lutterloh pattern? I have a book from 1954 but only photocopies of the rulers so I haven’t made up anything from it yet. Might be worth a go one day now that I’m sewing better. Do you have any tips on working with Lutterloh?

    1. I have a “tresor” in my house : a lot of Lutterloh’s models. But “chuttttt” it’s a secret
      It’s the first that my project id finished because, yes it’s very hard when you sew just a little.
      Now I have more experience so… And yes Lutterloh doesn’t explain how to work
      My tips at first, don’t work on something too “sophisticated”, try skirts and tops then after dresses.
      watch very precisely the drawing of your project.
      and at the end, trust in you and go on

  4. Lovely dress! It doesn’t look like a sheet at all. Great job!
    I’m intrigued by Lutterloh–the company still offers its pattern drafting system for purchase. But I can’t find any real information or reviews of it that would help me decide whether purchasing it would be worthwhile.

    1. It’s necessary to have a “réglette” sorry I don’t now the word in english…
      It’s a good method for people who are not in strict size (10,12,14….) with a thight waist and big hips or tall, little….
      But I never bought the new method, because I think it’s too expensive, I’m always looking in internet …

  5. This looks great! I love the accessories you chose and I also love that you made it with a sheet you picked up at a market! I’ve thought about buying sheets to use as fabric, but I was always sure there was some sort of a catch since it just seemed to good to be true. Great dress!

  6. what “market” do you find the sheets at?? I live in Denver and I don’t think we have any markets–do you perhaps mean a thrift store? I see many pretty sheets at ARC for $3.99-$5.99–

  7. I just bought an entire Lutterloh set from the 80’s with everything included for $3.99 at Goodwill 2 weeks ago. I have been timid about starting a project with it, but you have inspired me! I am going to try a blouse first.

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