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GIVEAWAY: Three Corsets from Corset-Story.com

August 2, 2012
The giveaway prize

I’ve been seeing corsets absolutely everywhere lately, so it’s wonderful timing that the lovely people at Corset-Story have given us not one but three of these beautiful black lace boned corsets to give away. Three winners means triple your usual chances to win so get your entry in now!

Corset-Story has an enormous selection of corsets and accessories, and they have sister websites in the UK, and Australia. With almost 400,000 facebook fans on their UK page (I’m so jealous) they’re tremendously well established in Britain and fast becoming a world leader.

The Prize:

The giveaway prizeThree lucky winners will receive this sassy little number. The black lace trim at the top and bottom adds a delicate touch and is sure to get heads turning.

This corset comes in a large range of sizes, from a US size 6 to a US size 22. International readers, if you have no idea about American sizes, fear not: just check out their size chart to see measurements in inches and centimetres.

You will be put directly in touch with Corset-Story to sort out sizing and shipping when you win so don’t feel like you have to post your size publicly in the comments.

This is a fashion corset and should not be used for waist reduction – just endless cocktail parties! If you find yourself temporarily without a cocktail party to attend, host your own!…even if it’s just you and the cat 😉

How to Enter:

For you chance to win one of these gorgeous corsets, I want to know what your favorite item is from the Corset-Story website.

Pop over there for a peek at their fabulous selection (including plus size, burlesque and couture corsets) and let me know which corset is your favorite and why in the comments below.

Three winners will be chosen on Friday, August 10th.

As always, this giveaway is open to entrants worldwide. Good luck, and happy corseting!

  1. My favourite thing on the site is VG-110 Long Ivory Underbust with Brown Trim and Gold Detailing…there’s so much fantastic corsets but i love the detail on this one…

  2. Goodness, it’s hard to pick one! For me, I love the looks of the Burlesque Silver Corset. It’s simple but gorgeous! I love steampunk too. But if I won, I would let my daughter pick one out for herself. She’s an Anglophile and would love the Union Jack corset.

  3. My favourite is definitely the MY-100 – Silver Jacquard Underbust from the steel boned section. It feels slightly victorian to me, and I would wear it with a full skirt and lace up boots a la genteel steampunk!

  4. It’s really a toss up between A3043, the black and white polka dot one, because I wear black and white all the time, and love dots. It would be great with a hot pink skirt and a little black scarf around the neck! The other is MY-007, the burlesque silver corset, just because it’s amazingly beautiful and would be fabulous for Victorian era coplay.

  5. Oh my! Too many choices to make! I narrowed it down to four corsets and they are all ones I wouldn’t attempt to make myself:
    1. CD-272 Herringbone Stitch PVC with Rose Panels – love the front closures
    2. MY-014 – Burlesque Turquoise and Lilac Corset – THE COLOURS!
    3. C02 – Silver Couture Corset – Beautiful workmanship
    4. MY-156 – Brand New Simple PVC Overbust Corset – I’m a fan of PVC

    Fingers crossed!!!

  6. I love the White Flock Overbust one (http://www.corsets-au.com/white-flock-overbust-corset-my-082-act.html) but I am short and busty so this would not fit me, which makes me super sad. but I am highly considering the Cream Underbust one (http://www.corsets-au.com/my-102-bridal-cream-underbust.html) I love it’s simplicity.
    or this beutiful black and lacy waist training one (http://www.corsets-au.com/waist-training-long-line-underbust-corset-in-silver-black-striped-brocade-wt-020-azx.html) but I’m not sure if I’m ready for waist training.
    I may however I may finally get around to making one…. with alll that free time I have..
    $75 is a really good price though…

  7. A3099- turqoise because I had something very similar many years ago. I loved that corset and the fun I had with it on!

    Hoping to win for my very tall and beautiful daughter.

  8. MY-077 – Exclusive simple black overbust is lovely. I am fond of the black burlesque with ribbons as well, but this is more versatile – if that is a word you are using with corsets 🙂

  9. They are all very pretty…but once again I see corsets as practical rather than showy and my fave would be ‘MY-092 – Classic White Underbust’ I’d like an underbust I can wear under modern clothing just for a bit of back support. Plus it would be great for making those 50’s dresses sit right.

  10. So many nice ones, so hard to choose. Everybody would feel great in these corsets. But to pick one, it would be: MY-002 – Long Silver Brocade Pattern Corset. I love the fabric!!! Greetings from Norway:-)

  11. Uhm, I loe polka dots, so of course I am in love with the A3310 – Red Corset with Black Polka Dots :o) Just my kind of item :o)
    Have a nice weekend.


  12. Either the MY092 – Classic White Underbust or the WT-002 White Waist Training Underbust. Mostly because I would want to wear it under clothing and I wouldn’t need a fancy fabric if no one saw it.

  13. I had dealings with this manufacturer under their Corsets-UK name and would never ever knowingly deal with them again. I had to take them to a dispute to get money back for a corset I paid for that they never shipped. I wouldn’t even take a freebie from them now and hope no other users of this site get suckered like I was.

  14. I would love love love the Victorian Cream Corset. I would feel like a heroine from a period drama in that bad boy. There are some beautiful corsets in their store! Great giveaway

  15. I too love the A 3078 purple and black swirly floral. (Picked before I read the comments.) And for waist training WT 070 cherry brocade is retro and modern at the same time.

  16. I love CD-625 – Green and Black Long Line Overbust Corset. It is beautiful. I have wanting a corset for awhile and I think I have found the place to get one that isn’t too costume like.

  17. VG-105 Long Brown Brocade Pattern Steampunk Style Corset with Delicate Detailing is my fave. Just love the detailing and color.

  18. Oh how exciting! I never enter contests, because I never win, lol! But this is just too good to pass up.
    I am completely enamored with Corset Story’s line of Steampunk corsets. I love the juxtaposition of materials (leather, damask, metal) and that some of the even come with accessories. After much deliberation, I’d say
    would be the one I’d go with if placing an order today.

  19. I love their Steampunk line. CD-607 and CD-238 are a couple of my favorites! The detailing is fantastic and I adore the neat hook clasps down the front of 238.

  20. They are all so beautiful. But I must say that I am boring and practical and I like the plain white underbust corset. And in a daring move it would be the plain black underbust corset!

  21. The MY-011 Burlesque Turquoise is absolutely stunning. Definitely my favorite. Although the steampunk styles are very detailed and eyecatching too.

  22. Wow! they are all just amazing! I love _ MY-055 – Long Lined Green Corset. the green is just stunning. im going to go back and “window shop” some more. so fun!

  23. I haven’t entered a contest on any of my fave blogs before but could really use this one to tame my large bust. The one I would choose is WT-035 as it is a pretty colored pink and reminds me of a plain brown package I received at Christmas when i was 18 from my first serious boyfriend that contained a pink corset. You should have seen my dads eyes!

  24. I have 2 favorites. The first is the Black and Silver steam punk corset with the chains and studs. And the second is the Red Gothic Corset and Skirt Set.

    Both are absolutely gorgeous.

  25. This is a tough one for me…I would love to get a burlesque corset or a steampunk one. But having a nice basic one would be ideal too!

    though I really love the Vintage Goth VG-107. It could be used as a steampunk piece too! Embroidery is fabulous!

  26. WT-066 – Long Black Brocade Pattern Waist Training Corset

    I love the look of it 🙂

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  27. My favorite is this one: A3091+S013 – Underbust Corset and Tutu.

    I love the tutu and the underbust corset is gorgeous. I am in need of a flattering garment to wear for the fall.

  28. I had to pick one that was different to anything I have ever seen before – VG-107 Ivory Brocade Pattern with Bronze Panel and Gold Detailing Corset I have one dressy corset but this one is so unusual I love wearing corsets they make you hold yourself differently and this has a fairytale feel to it! Smiply stunning!

  29. My favorite corset from Corset-Story.com is their “WT-016 – Long Black Jacquard Waist Training Underbust” I sew from old patterns, and 1940’s New Look styles require waist reduction to look their best.
    I find corsets very romantic and erotic. I also enjoy the feeling of being hugged!

  30. While I love almost the entire Steampunk section, Im choosing the A3055 – Victorian Cream Corset as my favorite. The color and lace are just so soft and romantic.

  31. My favorite is CD-465 the brown brocade underbust corset with zip detail. It would be easy to style in several ways with dresses, skirts, or trousers.

  32. My favorite is the Green Taffeta style waist training overbust corset. I would wear it to any and every fancy party I could find. And if I couldn’t find one, I’d host my own.

  33. It’s so hard to choose. I love all of them – especially the vintage goth and steampunk ones. Oh…and the burlesque ofc. Should I choose only one it must be the VG-107 “Ivory Brocade Pattern with Bronze Panel and Gold Detailing Corset”. It’s so gorgeous.

  34. I love the A3043 – Black and White Polka Dot Corset. And even if I don’t win I think I’ll def buy this one… these are uber affordable!!! Thanks for the giveaway and the great store find 🙂

  35. If I could only choose one I would pick: CD-231 – Brown Steampunk Style Overbust Corset with Chain and Stud Detail. I love the deep natural colours and the clasps are ridiculously adorable and creative to boot.

  36. What a fabulous shop!
    So many beautiful corsets!
    I think my favourite is the Long Brocade Pattern Corset, probably in black, but maybe in purple….They’re all perfect!

    Great givew-away!

  37. They’re all so pretty; how does one choose? MY-042 – Blue & Silver Corset would be the one I would choose simply because I do costumes and it would work for a specific role that I am costuming right now. I love the burgundy satin couture corset though. Probably my fave.

  38. RO-001 Green Underbust Corset with Black Trim! It is colorful, whimsical, and would be helpful in living out a Maid Marion of Sherwood Forest fantasy 😉

  39. Wow, there are so many lovely corsets, MY-061 Long lined deep sweetheart corset in red is my favourite, would look great under a structured 50’s dress.

  40. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I am allll about the White Waist Training Underbust corset as I would love something exactly like that for wearing under all the gorgeous vintage clothes I collect! I personally feel that I just can’t do justice to the gorgeous 50’s silhouette without a little ‘help’ in that department. ; )

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  41. I really like a lot of the polka dots, or crazy colors but I’d probably just stick to classic black MY-028 – Black Jacquard Striped Corset

  42. They are all so beautiful! I like the WT-006 Black Brocade Waist Training Corset. It would be perfect for my job at the TX Renaissance this fall. This is the first year that I will be in costume and I could truly use the corset. I love the brocade on it and the mild sweetheart bust line. The color black would go with any color skirt and not show any mishaps that may happen while I serve food. I would need the size 30 for a 34″ to 35″ waist. Thanks so much for the contest and I love your site too!

  43. my favorite is the MY-001 – Long Black Brocade Pattern Corset. sooo classic, so slimming, so elegant and yet, soooo hot! i have a mascarade themed wedding to attend in the fall and would pair the corset with a tulle skirt and a killer lace mask!

  44. I like the victorian green corset, but gosh they are all so lovely.. I also like the classic bridal ones.. although I’m already married!

  45. I absolutely love their Steampunk line, particularly CD-231. I had seen those clasps before on a corset someone made by hand and I’ve been coveting them since then. When Corset Story came out with that design I was one happy steamer!

  46. I love love love all the steampunk corsets…..but go all gooey with the girlyness of the Red Velvet Couture. Not sure I could show I at the kids park in them though 😉

  47. I don’t know very much a bout corsets and the mechanics of how they work, but they sure are pretty! I really like MY-039 Turquoise Corset. Although, it was almost impossible to choose a faverourite. Does anyone know where I can find more information gernerally on corsets?

  48. My favourite colour is red, so my pick is the red satin corset trimmed in black lace and ribbons (A3092 – Corset Bodice). By far it’s one of the hottest things on the page!

  49. For a favorite, I would have to go with the RV-007 – Reversible Polka Dot & Cherry Brocade Waist Training Corset. I’ve always wanted that pin-up-girl-teeny waist and with the polka dots on one side and cherries on the other, it is just darling and absolutely perfect! I’m picturing it with dark wash skinnies and my Sam Edelman studded booties…or full on pinup with a full skirt and sky high peep toe pumps. I’m already dreaming…sigh…

  50. All of them are absolutely gorgeous! But since I have to pick only one of them I´ll choose the black brocade corset (MY -132) because it is, at the same time, classy, sassy and beautiful! best regards from Brazil! Carla

  51. Oh well, that’s not hard, there are so many!! My final free are:
    1. C18 – Beautiful Red Couture Corset. First because it’s couture, second it’s the most expensive one, and third it reminds me of Carmen.
    2. C16 – Red Velvet Couture Corset. again, couture. I believe the hand finishing makes it more authentic, it’s like a time travel suit.
    3. From the steel boned corsets I’d choose the- MY-084 – Long Oriental Brocade Style Corset. I love the pinkish hew and it’s oriental, which I find totally cool.
    4. and from the sale section-I LOVE the- SJ-204 Red Corset With Bow Front and Pleated Sides. yes. yes, it has a front bow and pleated sides! a fashion corset with a peplum! what can we want more!?
    p.s. I loved that assignment even if I don’t win any..:))

  52. I really love a number of the Steampunk corsets. My favorite, however, has to be CD-231 – Brown Steampunk Style Overbust Corset with Chain and Stud Detail.

  53. HARD to choose, but from the “Plus Size” section, my favourite is RV-006 ( Reversible Silver/Black Brocade Waist Training Corset).

    Since I’ve gained a few extra inches around the waist , (approaching menopause – blergh….) this one promises to cut down my waist measurement by up to 6 or 7 inches! It’s black / silver reversible, so I could wear it under dark or lighter coloured dresses. I love the “hourglass” look of the ’50s, so this just might be my saviour!

  54. I adore the Brown Steampunk Style Underbust Corset. The leather and the buckles just look fantastic and it feels like it would really tie in and add some depth to my next steampunk outfit (hot pink skirt! WOOT!)

  55. Now, how are we to pick just one we like! First, I saw the Victorian Green Corset, but then there was this turquoise number, but wait, the hot pink one is calling to me, and the red….. Needless to say, I would love to win one. 🙂

  56. Gosh there were a lot to choose from! Being a traditionalist, my favorite was probably the White Long Line corset. It looks like it would lend well to the body-shaping required of some of the vintage patterns I’ve completed. 🙂

  57. I’d like the MY-089 – Green Brocade Underbust. The green brocade is lovely, and it’s discrete enough to wear everyday.

  58. I am having a hard time picking just one! I think my absolute favorite is C-18 – Beautiful red couture corset, closely followed by C-16 – red velvet couture.

  59. I love their Black Lace Lingerie Corset with Criss Cross Tie Back. It is simple and classic in style and has a great shape to it. Sam xox

  60. Ahhh, swoon. Is it silly that I’m in love with a bridal corset? I’m already married but now I’m looking for a reason to wear one anyways… I especially love “A3068 – Bridal Corset” and I’m already trying to figure out which other ones I want so I can get the 3 for 2 deal!

  61. I love WT-115 because of its versatility – I could use it over shirt as a vest substitute – its design is really beautiful!

  62. MY-102, for sure! I really love the idea of an underbust, and that’s a natural enough colour that it would blend in with my flesh for wearing as an undergarment. All the other “cream” corsets are just too light. I gotta say, those are some impressive steampunk corsets!

  63. Wow. That is seriously hard to choose. I’ll go with the stunning C18 – Beautiful
    Red Couture Corset. Gorgeous details and shape.

  64. MY – 058 long line white corset
    It’s my favorite because it looks like it will fit the best. It’s made sturdy, from serviceable fabric and with steel boning. The cut will lift and separate, nip the waist, and…..tuck in the upper hip! It’s the perfect under layer for all my retro patterns. Up to four inches off the waist balances the shoulder to waist to hip proportions nicely.
    The corset I would most like to see in reproduction would be a version of the Lane Bryant adaptolet for a more 1930s look. Plus the over slip/girdle on these corsets looks like it would create a smooth silhouette.

  65. my favourite corset is a black underbust created by http://www.marquisdesade.com.au just for me I have been wearing this beautiful piece with over a lovely straight skirt and white blouse topped off with a nice cardigan or jacket.

    the compliments I have received are amazing. really guys you don’t want to be getting anything other than something that was made for you when it comes to corsets don’t waste your money.

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