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A 1940s wrap dress

August 29, 2012

I guess everyone has a few well-tried and modified patterns that they use again and again. One of mine is a 1940s pattern with pleats at the shoudlers and under the bust gives the shaping. My pattern is self-drafted, but I looked at the back sides of many 1940s pattern envelopes to get the shape, so the only difference betwen my pattern and an original is that this one fits me – with my long torso, large bust and relatively narrow shoulders. Then I decided to make a wrap-front version and that is one of the staples of my pattern collection.
The good thing with a few standard bodice and skirt patterns that fit you is that you can mix them to get many different looks; this time I went for a slightly gathered skirt and I also made a new type of sleeve, which I got from Janet Arnold’s book Patterns of Fashion 2 and which was taken from a dress from 1936.

The blue 40s wrap dress

Details of the sleeve and its pattern can be found at my blog.

  1. So cool! That’s one of the hardest thing when buying stuff off the rack. It doesn’t always fit your own unique shape. Excellent!

  2. I have almost stopped buying anythign off the rack except cardigans and t-shirts (which I don’t use that much), but the fit issues on most cardigans irritate me enough to consider taking up knitting.

  3. Lovely dress. 40s is my favourite. So flattering and pretty. Impressed that you pieced it together yourself. I really must learn to draft a properly fitting bodice.

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