1. I absolutely love these old machines. I sew on a 1960’s Necchi Supernova, which weighs about 30 pounds. The seem to do a better job of sewing through heavy fabrics like canvas, denim, and leather, and they are simpler to operate. You’ll have to post your first project and give us an update on how it works!

    1. HI! I was wondering if I could get a copy of the manual? I would pay for it. I just bought the 421g on Ebay and it did not come with a manual, unfortunately and I am trying to locate one. I also heard that you could get this machine to do the chain stitch using some touch and sew pieces- have you ever tried that? Is it possible?

  2. Dear Eleanor, I wrote you from Mallorca, Spain, I find your blog finding for this model of machine, my mum just have the same model , the Singer 421g, but she lost the plug and the pedal, I’ll triying to lookin for in the old shops here, but I need also the manual could you please sent by pdf, I really really thank you a lot ,
    thank for all and greetings from mallorca


  3. Hi I also zisklal strarte SINGER 421G for deceased sister, Zhan instructions, spools, needle and other things to do. Peter from Slovakia-Bratislava

  4. Hi Eleanor
    I too have a singer 421g sewing machine but have lost the instruction manual. I would much appreciate it if you could email me a copy
    Regards Alison

  5. Hi Eleanor, I wrote from Nice in the south of France. A friend gave me her Singer 421G, she had lost the manuel and she don’t remember how to use it. She’s old now.
    Please, it would be so kind to send me the instruction manuel, otherwise I can’t use it like that.
    Thank you very much
    Best regards
    Sandrine from Nice

  6. Hi!!! I was soooo happy to find 421G!! but I don’t have any idea to use it!!! please, send me instructions, I will be so glad! I am from Latvia and this kind of sewing m . dont have!!!

  7. I was recently give a Singer 421 G – made in Germany. I cannot figure out
    how you rewind the bobbin. I cannot find anything on the top that twirls around, after you disengage the side wheel so that the needle does not go up and down. I have looked all over. Can you help me. Thanks , Dolly

  8. I was lucky to grab a421 singer from my mothers boyfriend. He was selling it at a yard sale and it didn’t sell. So i took it for a back up. But i don’t have a manual. Any chance you could send me one…

  9. Hi Eleanor, I wrote from Niorwayi.my grandmother gave me Singer 421G, she had lost the manuel and she don’t remember how to use it.
    Please, it would be so kind to send me the instruction manuel, I can’t use it .Thank you very mutch.my email is: zarochka2001@mail.ru.

  10. I too have a Singer 421g. I found it on of all places Ebay. I love it! The original instruction manual was not included but the copy sent to me was just fine! I am still getting use to it. You never know where the G machines will turn up. I found my 401g in a museum sale. My husband found my 411g at a charity event to raise money for Hospice care, You can find the manuals on line and download them for free. I put my downloaded manuals in a binder and put each page in a plastic sheet protector..

  11. Приобрел 412G если у вас есть возможность прислать инструкцию буду очень благодарен

  12. hi!
    is it possible to receive a copy of the Singer 421 G manual?
    Its very appreciated. Thanks for concerning!

    Best regards from Germany!

    1. Hi!

      Recently I started to learn about sewing machines and I have this model. Can I, please, also ask for your help with manual?

  13. Hallo,
    I have a question: i need the pedale for my Singer 421 G and maybe it‘s someone here who has this model and don‘t use it anymore! It‘s hard to fix the pedal that‘s why i am asking you guys!

  14. Hi
    I recently came across a 421g at a local auction & it was missing both the manual & the power cord. I’m looking forward into finding replacements; but, I can’t seem to find a power cord that is specifically made for the 421g. Will othe singer 3-prong power cords work for this machine? Or will they not fit properly? If anyone has any information for me, my email address is canadianstreets@gmail.com (thank you all in advance for you time).

  15. looking for manual 421G singer machine
    my mother made all our clothes with this sew machine there was 7 kid in the family

  16. Hello, I too would love to have the manual for the 421G. I am also looking for a parts chart for this machine, as the one copy I have found has some damage to one page which obscures a few numbers.
    Thank you,

  17. Go online, type in Singer 421G Manual. Can purchase and/or download for free. Lots of service videos also available.

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