Vintage Maternity Do-over

July 4, 2012

Hello We Sew Retro!

I recently mourned the loss of an amazing 50’s maternity top. Tragically I lost one of the fabric covered buttons and splashed hair tint (I am a hairdresser by trade) on it. No use crying over ruined vintage, right?! At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself 😉

Myself wearing said vintage top

I decided to take apart the top, and remake it using current – vintage inspired fabric! I love the construction of the top, although I do wish I could have found that amazing chartreuse fabric again!

The 50’s shirt. LOVE that collar!

The Fabrics I chose

I carefully seam ripped the entire shirt and ironed out the pieces

Using the shirt as a pattern was so easy!

It took me longer to seam rip, than sew. But, here is the final product!

More about it on my blog – http://technicolorcutie.blogspot.com/

Thanks everyone!

Technicolor Cutie

  1. It’s always such a shame when a favourite gets ruined. You picked lovely fabric for the re-make, so sweet. Are there some salvagable parts of the original left? You could make them into something for baby, maybe a quilt or cuddly toy that will last longer than a garment would (I still have things unfinished that mine grew out of before I could even make them!)

  2. Nice job, I have a couple of items that I’m wanting to take patterns from and keep alive 🙂

    You’ve done such a nice job, and I think the fabric suits you, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. In theory it s simple and then i think about unpicking my vintage clothes and how i would mess up it s longevity and proper finishing methods , but im now eager to give this a go for my modern high st stuff as the stitching is usually horrid anyway.

  4. I love chartreuse, too, but you have to be happy with your new creation! It is very complementary to your skin and hair color.

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