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The “Flip Flop” Halter Dress Finished!

July 8, 2012

I fell in love with this pattern on the latest issue of BurdaStyle, which they first published in May 1950!

The original pattern has a halter neckline and a circle skirt. I edited the skirt a bit to get a more flattering shape for my body type

Sewing is seriously getting more easier than shopping for me… Think about it: you first go on window shopping, make a list of the items you loved, then limit your choices with your budget, find a dress that you’d adore – which would also fit exactly your size and body shape… blablablaaa… Whereas this gorgeous dress took me a day to finish and cost around 5 EUROS!


When I sewed the lining, I realize that I wasn’t very good at installing the triangular part neatly. So I decided to cut the front band into two and sew them separately on the bust. But even that did not solve my problem; I ended up having a crooked look on the bust. However, the dress turned out so great that no one can notice it, unless they look closely.

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