Sixties Dress

July 19, 2012

I’ve been a long-time reader of all the posts on this blog, and I love looking at the amazing work people produce. I’ve also been sewing vintage clothing for the past couple of years. I’m pretty eclectic about it — anything from the 40s to the 80s can catch my eye if it looks like a great design.

I recently found a very beat-up McCalls 5507 dress pattern from 1960. It was two sizes too big, so I sized it down and it turned out just fine. I loved how easy this pattern was to sew. Only 4 pieces, plus the neck facing. I used a light polkadot cotton blend. Great features of this dress include a kick pleat at the back and kimono sleeves that sit perfectly (and allow for all kinds of adjustments if the back gapes, ect). I will definitely sew this one again.¬†Sorry, I don’t have very many pictures of the finished product.

  1. I think I might actually have this pattern in my stash. I’ve been eyeballing the 1960’s slim/sheath dress as my next project, and I really like the kimono sleeves on this one. Sometimes the best designs are the simple ones. Classic!

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