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Simplicty 3835 – early 40’s dress

July 7, 2012

Hi All

It’s been a while since I posted here.

I made this dress just the other week. A few details:

Pattern: Simplicity 3835 from the 40’s – early in the decade I think, but can’t be sure.
Fabric: Pastel green sheer with white floral flocking – possibly nylon? New Japanese made fabric bought from one of the little shops on Sydney Rd Brunswick.
Notions: A heap of snaps and 3 tiny hook & eyes.
Cost: About $13 – $5 p/m for the fabric – I used just about 2m. Snaps were probably about $3 – they’re so expensive here and I use heaps of them. Need to buy them in bulk from somewhere!


….more details and pics on my blog 🙂

Kitty’s Drawings

  1. It’s really adorable! And I really admire your finishing. The bow tie is super-cute, so “period,” and the skirt length is just right.

    As to the dating, it’s probably 1939 or 1940. That raised waist panel coming up from the skirt, combined with a gathered-front bodice and high-puffed or frilled short sleeves, was really having a moment in those years. Here are two 1939 examples and the third from 1940:




    1. Thank you! I love Debi’s dress 😀
      It must have been some good years for fashion then! I love the 40’s so much – mostly patterns to about 1947 – they got a bit frumpy around then, until the New Look properly kicked in don’t you think?

      1. Those late-’40s fashions can be tricky to carry off, yes. They’re very long and plain and bottom-heavy, which can come off badly! You have to channel someone like Lauren Bacall and go for restrained elegance to make them work. The best patterns (IMHO) are those with draping interest, which need really beautiful, drapey fabrics with a little weight to them to work, and those for tailored suits, which the ’40s did really well. Here’s a little non-frumpy 1948 eye candy for you!

        http://pinterest.com/pin/191191946650734566/ (Lauren Bacall)

        http://themagicbean.typepad.com/.a/6a00d834fe9c4653ef0167636ebc35970b-320wi (draped dresses)

        http://oteea-land.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/1948-2-n3028col.jpg (smart suit)

        http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lykggbQJKo1qa70eyo1_1280.jpg (actually 1949 – Ava Gardner – yowza.)

  2. Snaps expensive? Oh man, i thrift and often buy bags of notions for $1.99… These used to be chock full of notions, now they are still a good deal but not as stuffed. Anyways, i literally have a ridiculous amount of hand needles, snaps and hook and eye closures. Like, waaay more than i need. It’s too bad i can’t beam them from Canada to Australia!

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