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Simplicity 4727 (1943): Black denim skirt

July 19, 2012

I’m still working on the crazy bodice from 4727, but I really, really, needed a successful sewing project, for the sake of my mental health.  Since I already knew that the skirt from 4727 fit, I went ahead and hauled out the black denim remnant and made the skirt-only version seen at left:

Skirt only, seen on the left.

This isn’t at all period-correct.  I can’t find much (ok, any) evidence that denim skirts were around much in the 1940’s, and certainly not that they were around in the Western-wear sense that we often find them today, and I changed a bunch of stuff about the pattern, anyway, but . . . well, here it is.

I added pockets.  Great, big, pockets lined in Alexander Henry skulls-and-roses print leftover from another project:

Pocket lining.


I also used it to line the waistband.

And, of course, no self-respecting denim skirt would be complete without gold topstitching and a pattern of some sort on the pockets.  Mine is pretty crudely done but it’s the best I can manage with so little practice.

Backside pockets


I didn’t think about this ahead of time, though, and now I’m afraid people will see the bit of fabric peeking out around the edge and forever be pinching my backside in an effort to see what print I used for pocket lining.  Doh!  The small pocket in front, though, is lined with Day of the Dead fabric because I ran out of skulls-and-roses scrap.

But it fits.  And it’s awesome.  I haven’t had occasion to wear it with the tall red boots yet, but I will.  Oh, yes–I will.

Go Texan!

Somebody’s going to ask, so I’ll just tell you: The necklace is an anatomically-correct heart.

    1. I topstitch everything; it’s second nature. I started doing it to make seams more sturdy, but I also like the look. This was easy because it doesn’t have any complex pieces or seaming, and it definitely makes it look more like “real” jeanswear than if would if I hadn’t stitched it.

  1. That is really, really cute, and I say that as someone who’s not normally a huge fan of denim skirts! The topstitching design on the pockets is really neat, it’s great that you added a shaped pocket to the front, and I love the panel seaming on the skirt. Usually denim skirts have a clunky seam right down the middle – this is so much better!

    The pocket-lining-peeping problem is a reminder to account for the “roll of the cloth” or “turn of the cloth.” That’s an issue that’s mostly talked about with collars, but it applies here, too. The denim takes up much more space to roll over to the wrong side than the thin lining fabric does, so even if you sew the seams evenly the lining winds up being larger after you turn and press, when in fact you want it just a tad smaller so it won’t show. On a collar this can be solved by making the lining piece a little smaller than the outer piece, but here, with all four sides sewn, it’s a little trickier. I think I would have simply pressed the denim allowance under, pressed the lining allowance under a little more, and whipped the lining on just through the denim allowance. Then the topstitching would hold everything tightly together.

    Then again, maybe a peep of pocket lining is simply a cheerful invitation to notice your great pockets!

    1. I actually have a stray copy of “Threads” somewhere that explains how to fix it, but I couldn’t find it, and the denim was stiff enough that I was afraid it wouldn’t roll well. And I’m lazy; I’ll admit it. It doesn’t actually bother me, but I’ll probably learn to do the under-cutting thing in the future, anyway, just to look more classy.

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