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Simplicity 3748

July 17, 2012

I need some help with the Simplicity 3748 retro shorts. They came out just awful! They look great until I put them on and then they are a hot mess and a 1/2. This was a “practice” set made from some free material, but I am still upset at how they turned out. I am not sure if I need to extend the seat or what (they kinda ride up, if you know what I mean). The short leg-holes are so wide I could become a flying-squirrel with them! I have made the bolero in this set and adore it, I was hoping for the same result with the shorts. I was wondering if anyone out there has attempted to make these before. Any help would be great.

This is a picture of the pattern:

  1. Don’t feel bad. Besides the fact that shorts/pants are in themselves just hard to fit, vintage cuts on bottoms are often very different from modern ones and will feel “wrong” on you anyways. I always have to make 2-3 muslins of a new pants/shorts pattern to get it to fit right.

    Please do post a photo so we can help! The pattern looks pretty wide legged on the cover, but that’s an easy fix.

  2. I agree that making multiple muslins is an absolute must. I buy muslin by the bolt. It takes a lot more time up front, but in the long run you have a perfectly tailored pattern that you can use over and over again. It sounds like the “rise” is too short, which means you need to lengthen the U shaped seam that goes through the crotch from tummy to tailbone. This seam is giving you the camel action. It also sounds like you need to take some of the flare out of the side seams. I also agree that posting a photo of you wearing the piece will help us diagnose what changes need to be made. Super cute pattern!

  3. Okay, this is very bad! While I was attempting to go on a pattern diet, you just made me find this out of print pattern online and buy it! (Just kidding about it being your “fault”, of course, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen this pattern!)

    Sorry that I am too excited about my recent purchase to be of assistance with the fit right now, but thanks for letting me know about this pattern. : )

    Happy sewing!


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