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Simplicity 3238

July 13, 2012
Simplicity 3238 was originally intended to be made as a halter weskit-style blouse and separate skirt, but for some reason it seemed like a good idea to make a dress out of it (rather than just use a halter dress pattern). A halter dress pattern would have made a lot more sense. The stripe-matching went better than expected.
I can’t decide whether I want to tack on the belt or find some sort of a buckle to use with it.





More pictures at my blog.

  1. Cute! So summery! If you do a belt buckle, I would suggest a narrow vertical rectangular one. Buckle or no buckle, it’s still fab!

  2. Very nice pattern matching and I love the use of the stripes on the belt.

    Did you use the Riley Blake pink stripe fabric for the top half? I love it 🙂

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